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    SANY STS Container Gantry Cranes Successfully Delivered to Port of Moin, Costa Rica



    Aug 30, 2017, 2 ship-to-shore (STS) container gantry cranes designed by SANY Marine Heavy Industry for JAPDEVA successfully arrived at the Port of Moin, Costa Rica. JAPDEVA President Ann McKinley witnessed this exciting moment and gave high appraisal of SANY equipment concerning the exceptional quality and manufacturing technologies. “SANY is expected to become the leader of large port machinery industry,” Ann said.



    Port of Moin is located in Limon province, which is 7km away from Puerto Limon, the other large port in this province. In 2016, the two ports signed STS container gantry cranes purchase contracts with two different manufacturers respectively. However, the cranes ordered by the Port of Moin arrived earlier, signifying the superb efficiency of SANY’s deliverability. This is another successful case of SANY Marine Heavy Industry in American region, marking its huge steps forward in the large port machinery industry. Early in June 2017, JAPDEVA sent a supervision team of 10 people to SANY to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the 2 STS container gantry cranes. In this process, the whole team were impressed with SANY’s strict quality control, deliverability and commitment to excellence.



    Leading technologies are applied to the two units of STS. The diesel engine set is installed in the portal beam as a backup power supply for emergency use when the high-voltage power supply breaks down. The brake control system and safety coupling are used together for equipment protection. The gantry travel adopts independent control instead of the normal-hoisting switch control. The gantry and trolley movement are steered by the lateral and longitudinal direction of the one-sided handle.

    The application of all the key technologies and innovation demonstrates SANY’s mission of customer-orientation to create more value for customers. SANY’s 2 STS container gantry cranes will boost the container business at the Port of Moin, and enhance the brand awareness in Latin America. In the future, SANY Marine Heavy Industry will design and deliver more products, making another famous Chinese brand for the port machinery industry.



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